Scientific Methods in Archaeology 2012

The dynamic development in science has created many new possibilities to detect and illuminate central cultural historical questions. The SMIA conference 2012 aimed to present the latest developments in a selection of scientific methods applied to archaeology and provide an opportunity for discussions among archaeologists and specialists on the problems associated with the application of various techniques.

The SMIA conference aimed to strengthen the interaction between natural science and archaeology: An important goal especially in view of the large number of specialized technical methods available for the study of archaeological problems.
Archaeologists must be aware of developments in science applicable to their own field. On the other hand, the specialists must be informed about the needs of the archaeologists in order to adapt their methods to the archaeological problems.

With the invitation of four keynote speaker SMIA X focused on topics like micro archaeology especially the use of analytical chemistry and landscape and environment.
SMIA X also reflected the many other interesting topics where natural science and archaeology interact. The headlines from SMIA IX gave some inspiration:

  • Remote Sensing and Prospecting in Archaeology 
  • Dating Technology in Archaeology 
  • Osteoarchaeology, Molecular archaeology 
  • In-situ preservation of cultural layers 
  • Geoarchaeology/Changing Landscapes

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