The Pioneer Museum is a development project - a brand new museum in the heart of Esbjerg, an invitation to the pioneer city's DNA.

Museum of Southwest Jutland and Myrthue have, in cooperation with the main advisor AART Architects and the exhibition company Expology, completed a prospectus describing a brand new museum in the heart of Esbjerg, the Pioneer Museum.

The Pioneer Museum Esbjerg

There is a need to make history come alive and relevant to a contemporary audience. We're rethinking the existing Esbjerg Museum in relation to content, frames, target groups and the museum's role in the city. The goal is to create completely new exhibitions and forms of communication as well as to redefine the museum's profile in the city.

At the Pioneer Museum Esbjerg, we'll take both historical and communicative points of departure in Esbjerg's unique background as a pioneer city. It has required ingenuity and initiative to create a modern city in less than 50 years. Under the topic of the Pioneer City, we use the story for a dialogue on how a city was, and continuously is being, developed in all its facets. We invite visitors to get involved and through Esbjerg Future Lab to become co-creators of the good city today and in the future.