Living Knowledge

Museum of Southwest Jutland is the state-recognized cultural historical museum in the municipality of Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark.

The museum is the region’s largest and most far-reaching cultural and historical organization, operating museums, education programs, annual events, exhibitions, research, publications and lectures.
The museum runs the archaeological responsibilities in a number of municipalities.

The museum is part of the nationwide museum network and is tasked with the collection, registration, conservation and research in its area. We strive to secure Danish heritage and illustrate changes in people’s living from ancient to modern times.

We are active in collaborations and exchanges on both a national and international level. Most recently we participated in ‘Dragons of the Northern Seas: The Viking Age of Denmark’, a Viking Age exhibition in Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China. In 2017 we will return the favor, hosting Suzhou Museum’s exhibit in Ribe Viking Museum.


Museum of Southwest Jutland:
•Preserves and presents cultural heritage;
•Creates knowledge, experiences and intellectual stimulation;
•Contributes to local and sustainable development
- in the region of Southwest Jutland.

Our motto is ‘Living Knowledge’

Vision 2020

 In 2012 the Museum of Southwest Jutland detailed its vision to year 2020. It established focus and comprehensive strategies on the following key areas:

•Research and publications – to continually undertake original research and to publish on a domestic and international level.
•National and global cooperation – operate inclusively and partner with other organizations to promote research, preservation, learning and sharing.
•exhibitions and arrangements – design, build and operate mission-effective and financially sustainable museums and exhibits using the latest technology.
•Organizational culture and corporate social responsibility – operate with core values of Engagement, Respect and Credibility, for our staff, partners and society.

A major aspect of Vision 2020 is the development of the Quedens Gaard complex, in particular the Jacob A. Riis Museum and an international witch museum.


With over 45 staff including researchers, archeologists, curators and historians, Museum of Southwest Jutland is always undertaking a wide range of exciting projects, both long- and short-term. Take a look at some of our projects on our website (Danish language).


Esbjerg Museum, Esbjerg Water Tower, Ribe Viking Museum, Ribe Cathedral Museum, Bramming Regional Museum

131,000 per year

approximately 1 mio. artifacts from Iron, Viking and Middle Ages up till modern ages.

Number of employees:

Flemming Just
  1. Director
  2. Dr.Phil. (Dr.Habil.)
  3. + 45 29 35 85 12