Wrapped in love

“When I wear the coat I think of the love my mother has always had for me.”

“We drove all over town looking for the right jacket.
In my town in Vietnam we did not have a pedestrian shopping street. So we had to drive to all the different shops.
I knew it would be cold in Denmark and my mum said I needed a good coat. She wanted to buy it for me.
In one shop, I tried on a black one. “It suits you,” she said and she bought it for me.
I use it now, seven years later. It reminds me that my mum is still looking after me, even though I am a mother now myself.”


Nguyen is from Vietnam. She came to Denmark with her husband in 2010 when he was a student at one of Esbjerg’s Universities.
Following that, the couple spent a short time at home in Vietnam before returning. This time, Nguyen’s husband had been offered a job at the university.
The two have settled and now have two children. Nguyen has taken over a shop, which sells Asian goods.

Nguyen and her husband are what is often termed “expats”.
The term is used to describe people who have chosen to live and often work outside of their home country.
Esbjerg is home to expats from several different countries and in the exhibition PIONÉR – our story you can find out more about expat life and international students.


Picture: Nguyen with the jacket, her mum bought for her (photo: Esbjerg Fotoklub)

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