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30th Urban Archaeology Conference in Ribe
22-23 May 2017
Venue: Kannikegården, Ribe Cathedral

Landscapes of the Dead
– Life and Death in Pagan and Christian Ribe, 8th-18th C
Current approaches to the study of burial and human skeletons

University of Southern Denmark and Museum of South West Jutland have conducted a research project, Life and death in Ribe between the 9th and 19th C. (1000 års mennesker) funded by the Velux Foundation. Different work packages executed by researchers based in archaeology, physical anthropology and archaeochemistry focused on excavated churchyards in Ribe and the life and death of the people buried there.

This year’s Urban Archaeology conference presents some of the exciting results along with other innovative studies from the ever-widening field of the natural sciences and their application in archaeology.

Join the conference and see what is new.

  • Contextual and stratigraphic analysis of urban graveyards
  • Isotope analysis and carbondating on human bone
  • Death in emporia: Ribe’s pagan grave field
  • Cemeteries as meaningful and sacred landscapes

If you wish to participate please sign up no later than 3 May 2017. 

Download the invitation (pdf).

Download the programme (pdf).


Monday, May 22
9.30 Arrival at Danhostel and Kannikegården, registration and coffee

9.50 Introduction to the Conference and the Velux Project

10.00 Marcello Mannino, University of Aarhus: Multible Isotope analysis

10.45 Ashot Margaryan, Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen: Genomic History of the Vikings

11.30 Ben Krause-Kyora, Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology, University Kiel: Leprosy - two sides of a coin

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Niels Lynnerup, University of Copenhagen: The Norse in Greenland and the big picture

14.15 Jesper Boldsen, ADBOU, University of Southern Denmark:
Osteological reports from cemetery excavations – value for

15.00 George Milner, Pennsylvania State University: Aging Adult
Skeletons: Recent Work Heralding a New Age

15.45 Coffee

16.00 Sarah Croix, University of Aarhus/Museum of South West Jutland: Ribe’s pagan burial ground

16.45 Morten Søvsø, Museum of South West Jutland: St. Mary’s Cathedral between the 9th and 19th Century

17.30 Maria Knudsen, Museum of South West Jutland: Digitizing and
analyzing Ribe’s Franciscan Friary and its cemeteries

19.00 Conference Dinner

Tuesday, May 23
8.00 Breakfast at Danhostel

9.00 Dorthe Dangvard Petersen, ADBOU, University of Southern Denmark: The presence of leprosy and tuberculosis in Ribe from Viking ageto Early Modern Period

9.45 Karin Margarita Frei, National Museum of Denmark: Provenance
isotopic investigations of archaeological human remains of large
groups of individuals vs. single individuals

10.30 Coffee

10.45 Peter Tarp, ADBOU, University of Southern Denmark: Demography in Ribe

11.30 Marie Myrup Rasmussen, ADBOU, University of Southern Denmark: Burial rites in Viborg – a critical analysis of the skeleton’s arm positions from three medieval churchyards.

12.15 Lilian Skytte, CHART, University of Southern Denmark: The
population chemistry of Ribe – Results of trace element analysis
of skeletons

12.45 Concluding remarks

13.15 Lunch, Conference ends


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